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Allergy Room

In the vision of a wider project of environmental sustainability, Hotel Forum has introduced a new system cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms that ensure complete sanification of the environment, the Gioel G431 Pro CE certified ENEC 03 IMQ system.

It is an aspirator and professional air purifier in steam (185 ° C) that ensures nearly 100% of reduction of dust, bacteria, pollen, fungi, allergens and chemical pollutants present in the environment treated. Both air and all surfaces, including fabrics and upholstery (pillows, mattresses);

The treatment, is performed on arrival of each new guest, ensures a suitable environment for those suffering from allergies or who for other reasons needs a "save environment" from the point of life hygienic. It guarantees a healthier environment than using traditional methods.

The Gioel G431 Pro system has been tested by a research of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which certifies that the use of the vacuum cleaner Gioel steam G431 Pro is a safe and environmentally hygienic practice as it also eliminates the risks of the use of chemical products.

Managing the room cleaning and air purification using this method means:

  • Killing of nearly 100% of dust, bacteria, pollen, fungi, allergens and chemical pollutants from the environment in the room treated.
  • Prevent the onset of allergic diseases.
  • Reduce the use of chemical detergents of 90%.
  • Hinder the onset of asthma in children of allergic parents and / or who already manifest food allergies.
  • Encouraging typically sleep and its beneficial action on the organism.
  • Reduce the symptoms in allergic subjects and consequently the consumption of medicines.
  • Air of the room clean and fresh.