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Sustainability means adopting technological solutions and eco - practices in the framework of sustainable business development, with the goal of saving and renewal of resources , as well as a compatible environment.
Hotel Forum was designed with a perspective of a modern eco-hotel, (certification) energy class A.
The climate control systems are at the forefront of energy conservation and reuse of resources.
The solar panels produce about 70 % of the used hot water.

100% of lighting is LED with significant energy savings and all appliances are in class A or higher .
Hotel Forum also has a retrieval system, treatment and purification of the clear waters that are reused for internal use and for garden irrigation.
The structural part of the building is completed by a high energy-saving coating.

With regard to the Eco-practices Hotel Forum adopts a recycling plan for all the materials that allow it, from paper to glass , from plastics to furniture and maintenance materials .
There are also implemented linen reuse programs, and periodic checks, as well as continuous training of staff on sensitive matters.
The paper used is recycled so as toner and other consumables, and the toiletries are "green care" and there is a very low use of chemicals in cleaning and maintenance materials.
Following the above Hotel Forum boasts various certifications.